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February 17, 2016 – Prestige Preschool Academy – 5 Habits of Healthy Kids

5 Habits of Healthy Kids

Here are 5 habits of healthy kids that you will want to put into place in your family to avoid illness this year.  They are simple and make sense, but children need to practice them to make them a habit!  You may find that your child is the healthiest one in the neighborhood.

Keep hands clean

The healthy way to wash hands is to scrub for 15-20 seconds.  Teach your child to sing “Happy Birthday” to themselves—twice—before rinsing.  Remind them to “scrub” up after preschool or play dates and before they eat.

Be active every day

Studies have shown that regular exercise can reduce the number of cold and flu episodes during a year.  “Exercise is better than any advertised cure or miracle,” according to Harley A. Rothbart, M.D., Parents magazine advisor and author of Germ Proof Your Kids: the Complete Guide to Protecting (Without Overprotecting) Your Family from Infections (ASM Press, 2007).

Get plenty of ZZZs

The healthy habit of getting enough sleep is very important for children.  Dr. Rothbart says that sleep deprivation nearly doubles the risk of getting a cold or flu.  Most preschoolers need 11-13 hours of sleep per day and babies need about 14 hours per day.

Avoid touching your face

The reality is that viruses enter the body through the nose, eyes, and mouth.  Help your child keep their hands away from their face.  Also, teach them not to share a straw, cup or toothbrush!

Consume a balanced and healthy diet

Healthy eating means healthy kids.  Make sure the meal has plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables that will help boost your child’s immune system.  Some of those immune building foods are broccoli, strawberries and oranges along with tuna, milk and cereals.  Yogurt with probiotics helps to build defenses.  YUM.

Make Foods More Nutritious for Kids


From an article by Michelle Crouch, Parents Magazine