kids in the kitchen

Here are 7 steps with kids in the kitchen, because kids love being in the kitchen! They love to help measure and mix the ingredients and read the recipe. Of course there are times when spills happen, but that is all a part of learning and the fun. In fact, having your child help in the kitchen can be turned into a perfect teaching opportunity.

How do you get started? Read through our suggested 7 steps with kids in the kitchen, and have fun!

  1. Read the recipe together. Reading aloud is perfect for pronouncing words, learning new words, and public speaking skills. Reading the recipe involves thinking, grammar, and boosts literacy.
  2. Make a shopping list. Ask your child to write down the ingredients and any supplies needed for the recipe.  Writing the shopping list is a skill for handwriting and list-making.
  3.  Take a trip to the grocery store. Allow your child to push the cart and take charge of checking the items off the list. Grocery shopping for ingredients is an opportunity to teach how to look for fresh fruits and vegetables and how to weigh the items. Show your child the prices of the items and how to choose and purchase the more affordable item to keep your grocery bill low. At the cashier stand, have your child take notice of how much the food costs. This is a lesson on using money and keeping within a budget amount.
  4. Once you have returned from the grocery store with your food treasures, now is a great time to discuss cleanliness and hygiene. Washing hands and disinfecting the food prep area are a must. Proper hand washing and disinfecting the area in the kitchen is crucial in preventing cross-contamination. Next, talk about why the fruits and vegetable need to be washed.
  5. Once you’re ready to start the process of cooking what your recipe calls for, encourage taste testing of the ingredients. It is always fun to lick the spoon, isn’t it?
  6. Of course, it goes without stating that safety is a number one concern while in the kitchen. Show your child how to properly hold kitchen shears and child-safe knives. Stove tops and ovens are another area that should be labeled as a safety concern.
  7. Last but not least, enjoy your meal together!

We have complied a great amount of kid-friendly meal ideas for kids in the kitchen on our Pinterest board. You can find some fun and easy recipes here: Cooking with Kids

Our school menu includes nourishing food for our students at all of our Prestige Preschool Academy’s. The food items are presented in a family style setting. Our menus are rotated each month to provide variety for the children. Age-appropriate substitutions are provided. We will work with your family to provide an adaptation to the menu if a child has a special nutritional need or food allergy.  Ask your Director for the current Monthly Menu at your Center. To find more information on our meals, please visit our Prestige Preschool Academy website. Prestige Preschool Academy

You can find more information and healthy meal resources on the USDA website: