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Here We Grow Again!

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Prestige Preschool Academy is growing and new schools are coming to a community near you very soon. Visit our website for more information.



5668 N. Beeler Street  (located at the NE corner of N Beeler and 57th Ave)


email:  ppanorthfield@gmail.com

CALIFORNIA – Fontana, California –  COMING SOON!

16427 Sierra Lakes Parkway

email: ppsierralakes@gmail.com

VIRGINIA –  Sterling, Virginia – COMING SOON!

24299 Liberty Harvest Court

email: pparcola@gmail.com

Call us toll-free at 855-520-5437 for more information.

To locate a Prestige Preschool Academy near you, click here: Our Schools

Prestige Preschool Academy teacher with 2 students slicing squash for culinary arts

Choosing a Preschool

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January 1, 2018 – Prestige Preschool Academy – Choosing a Preschool



Your little one is growing and it’s time to choose a preschool!  Here is a checklist that will help you make this important decision.  Take this list with you as you visit your local preschool or daycare.  If you want to see the preschool in action, visit before lunch or after nap time.  The first step is to call and schedule your tour!


  • Is the location accessible to my/our home/job?
  • Do the hours fit my/our schedule?
  • Can we afford the fees including tuition, registration, co-payments, etc.?


  • Is the provider’s license posted and available?
  • Does the environment appear clean and safe for children?
  • Does the caregiver get down to the children’s eye level when talking?
  • Does the caregiver sit with the children, rather than away from them?
  • Is there enough equipment for all children to play with?
  • Is the staffing sufficient based on the number of children?
  • Are the children busy with fun and developmentally appropriate activities?
  • Are there security cameras?
  • Do the children sound happy and involved?
  • Is the sound level appropriate?  Too quiet or too chaotic?


  • What training and experience does the caregiver have?  Are CPR and first aid included in the training?
  • How does the caregiver deal with behavior problems?
  • Will they provide you with a list of parents you can contact for references?
  • Which days will the school be closed?  Holidays?
  • Do children go on field trips?  If so, what transportation is used?
  • Do the children spend time watching TV or videos?  How much?
  • Do they accept children who are ill?
  • Is there a secure drop-off/pick-up procedure?
  • Do they offer a free trial day?
  • What curriculum is used and are there regular assessments of a child’s progress?
  • What are the medical emergency procedures?
  • How are prescribed medicines handled for the children?


  • Are parents welcome to drop in whenever their children are in their care?
  • Are parents encouraged to participate in activities?
  • How is the child’s day communicated to the parents?


  • Was I greeted by a friendly smile?
  • Was the person conducting the tour knowledgeable of age-appropriate practices?  Professional? Friendly?
  • Does this appear to be a warm inviting place that my child would enjoy?

We invite you to take a tour of  Prestige Preschool Academy.  Find your nearest location here !