Why Choose Us

Exceptional care in an Academic-rich Environment

Our mission is to provide exceptional care to children while fostering each child’s intellectual, social, physical and moral development in an academic-rich environment. Prestige Preschools believes the core skills needed for a successful, productive life are learned and enlarged before the age of 6. Learning, communication, emotional and interpersonal skills are developed during these formative years. In a safe, caring environment Prestige nurtures each child into reaching his or her full creative, intellectual, social and independent self. Read more about Our Philosophy

Our Approach to Education

Children come into the world eager to learn. During the first five years of life enormous growth takes place as young children set off to explore their world and understand their place in it. Research shows the dynamic learning potential of children when they are in safe, nurturing, responsive, stimulating environments.

Our curriculum has been thoughtfully selected to guide the daily experiences at Prestige Preschool Academy. A rich learning environment is developed in the classroom as children and teachers engage in meaningful conversations, stories, singing, creative activities and outdoor play that engage the whole child. Each day is specifically balanced to provide teacher and child-centered experiences which lead to group and individual hands on exploration. Children will find success as they develop physically, linguistically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally.Read more about Our Approach to Education

Prestige Preschool Academy teacher helping preschool children with handwriting

Our Classroomscircleline

Prestige Preschool Academy classrooms were specifically designed with your child in mind. Each room features carpeted and tiled areas to facilitate everything from eating and art to circle time and just crawling around. Small group instruction and learning centers promote active learning and teacher guidance throughout the day. Prestige’s state-of-the art facilities utilize whiteboards, books, toys, games and computers to enhance the learning experience.

Prestige Plaza

Most centers feature a Prestige Plaza, a room designed for imagination and fun. This is a great place for your child to enjoy creative indoor play, special presentations and enrichment activities.

The Prestige Difference

Use your senses to experience the Prestige difference. While here you’ll see the evidence of learning on most of the walls, you’ll smell the clean of well maintained rooms and you’ll hear the sounds of interaction and education. What you’ll feel is the satisfaction that comes from choosing the best for your son or daughter.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are at the heart of the Prestige program, and are selected for their educational background and experience in early childhood education. In addition to having the ability to create a safe, nurturing atmosphere in the classroom, all teachers and staff are required to meet State requirements for working with children in a preschool/child care environment.

Ongoing professional education is standard so teachers are up-to-date on child development, and are active participants in creating a high-quality learning environment for young children.

Your child’s safety is our number one concern.

At Prestige Preschool Academy, your child’s safety is our primary concern; here are just a few examples of the measures we take to keep your child safe.

  • Our front entrance is locked at all times. Only our parents and staff have an individual code which allows them access into the school.
  • We have observation cameras in each of our classrooms and the monitors are in the Center Director’s office. We have the ability to observe and monitor any classroom at any time.
  • Our Procare system allows us access to important information we need for the safety and care of your child. We can see the names and photos of people authorized to pick-up your child, your child’s medical information and their schedule.
  • Your highly qualified staff is fingerprinted and a background check is done.

To continue to keep your child safe we do regular maintenance of all materials both inside and outside the facility. As well as following all safety standards enforced by the state in which they are located.

Fitness & Nutrition

As a partner with you in raising your child we’re concerned about your child’s physical growth and development. At Prestige full-time students receive two healthy snacks and a nutritious lunch. See our monthly menu to see what’s for lunch today.

Our playgrounds are designed to provide for fun and exercise. Children are encouraged to climb, run, slide and ride. These activities develop hand-eye coordination increase strength and stamina.

Proper sleep is also critical in a child’s development. Children experience nap time on individual mats or cots using parent-provided sheets and blankets in a tranquil environment. Regular naps promote proper sleep patterns and lead to healthy growth and better learning.


In a world where you hear only negative stories about Preschools I can tell you that my family has had a wonderful experience at the Chino Hills school. My older son is in Kindergarten and doing very well and we have just enrolled our 2 year old. The teachers are fantastic.

Georgia, Chino Hills, CA

My daughter started at the Claremont school about 5 months ago and is having a blast. She loves it here and is very happy. We love the teachers and appreciate all of their hard work and smiles!!

Sheila M, Claremont, CA

Words cannot express how much we appreciate all that you have done to help shape our daughter’s character and demeanor through love, support and education these past five years. What she has learned here, she will take with her the rest of life and for that we are eternally grateful. Thank you for having such a positive impact on our daughter.

Stacey, Irvine, CA

We love this preschool!! What can we say? This school has exceeded our expectations! My child loves attending and he has learned so much because of the wonderful teachers, and the safe and welcoming environment that he so enjoys on a daily basis. Thank you for enriching my child’s life and providing him with a great foundation for his future!!!!

Adam G, Chino Hills, CA

This is an exceptional school!!! I have a great friendship with all of the staff and know that every morning when I drop my daughters off, they are being well taken care of. The staff enjoys what they do and we are always greeted with a smile. I am so happy I finally found a center that I don’t have to worry about and would recommend it to anybody who is looking for a great place for their children!! It was a blessing that I found OUR new “family.”

Yvelia, Elk Grove, CA

This center has a very clean atmosphere and a kind and caring staff. Love how they have an agenda for children from the time they arrive to the time they leave. I have been to a few centers in the past 10 years, but this is the best my children have attended.

Georgina, Morgan Hill, CA

I am very impressed with the facility’s cleanliness and its friendly staff. It is very comforting to know that I can call throughout the day to check on my little one. I would recommend this school to any parent currently seeking childcare

Jackie, Elk Grove, CA

My family and I have had a great experience here with the staff. We feel confident in the staff and the great job they do the kids and their well-being. I feel comfortable and safe with my daughter being here. I’ve never had any problems or concerns. The staff treats my daughter as if she is one of their own.

Monica L, Claremont, CA

On our way to school, my 4-year old son told me that when he grows up he wants to be a teacher. With such wonderful examples, I am not surprised!

Candice, Morgan Hill, CA

We could not have asked for a better school for our son. We took our time to look at different childcare places, and we decided this was our spot---and we are sure glad we did. Our son has learned so much in the time he has been here. He has had endless amounts of fun and has made lots of friends, both his age and older. You really can see how much the teachers and staff care about the children and you don’t have to worry for one second as he is in good hands from the moment you drop off to the moment you pick up. It’s such an awesome place!

MacDonald Family, Claremont, CA

This is an awesome curriculum and every day I see changes with my son. He loves to share what he has learned with everyone he sees!

Karona, Elk Grove, CA

Our family is VERY pleased with this school. Our daughter has blossomed under their care! The Director and teachers are awesome and make us feel like family. We love it there! We have seen a BIG difference in our daughter since she has been there. When she gets home every day she is happy to share what she’s learned for the day. With her previous school we never got that type of response. Whatever they’re doing, it’s WONDERFUL!!! THANK YOU, WE LOVE YOU.”

Demetrius & Tiffany, Sacramento, CA